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Conquer the court

Learn from the best players
to have ever played the game.

Online squash coaching from 8 World Number 1’s including Peter Nicol, Jonathan Power, John White and Nicol David.

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The Complete Approach to Squash



Our forever-growing online video archive helps players better their game, encouraging excellence through a ‘complete approach’, both on and off the squash court.

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Our ever-expanding online article library covers a range of topics from tactics to training, fitness to food, and physcology to self improvement - our copy keeps you covered.

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Swing School

Swing School

Squashskills.com is embracing modern mobile technology, enabling you to access high performance analysis software traditionally only available to pro athletes.

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What Our Members Say...

Neil Sladen
I’ve been REALLY impressed with your new site and I’m glad I subscribed. Your style of presentation is ideal for me – small chunks with great variety, focussing on the essential elements. Loving it!"

Rahul Gupta
“Many thanks. It's a wonderful thing you have done with this website. I am learning so much I can't put it in words. I have become your (site's) ambassador among my friends."