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The Ultimate Guide To Masters Squash

Our Ultimate Guide To Masters Squash

Excelling At Masters Squash

With Hadrian Stiff | British Open O50 Champion

Fitness Focus For Masters Squash Players

With Gary Nisbet | SquashSkills Performance Director

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With Nick Taylor | World Masters Champion

Why Stability Is Crucial For Squash
How To Approach Solo Practice
How To Improve Your Footwork
How To Improve Your Concentration & Attention For Squash
How To Come Back After Serious Injury
How To Structure Your Warm Up
How To Fix Common Amateur Faults
Squash Skills

Elevate Your Game

Squash, as we all know, demands a unique blend of racket work, physical fitness, and mental toughness. But let's be honest, as we mature, the game doesn't cut us any slack. So, if you're a Masters squash player – someone who's gracefully entered their 35th year and beyond – you're likely nodding your head in agreement.

We hope you enjoy this Master’s Focus on SquashSkills, helping you to excel as our bodies begin to creak a little and the game becomes just that little bit more challenging.

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Jethro's Masters Squash Top Tips

As seasoned players, we're well aware that our bodies don't recover as swiftly as they once did. So, it's imperative that we train with intelligence. Focus on quality over quantity – exercises that enhance your squash-specific movements, like agility drills and reaction time exercises, should take centre stage.

Masters players should think of themselves as finely-tuned machines. Don't underestimate the power of regular massage and physiotherapy sessions. These aren't mere luxuries; they're the key to preventing injuries, enhancing flexibility, and ensuring your body remains in tip-top condition. Invest in your body's longevity.

Manage your nutrition choices carefully. Our bodies have changing needs, and it's time to adjust our diets accordingly. A well-balanced diet, replete with lean proteins, healthy fats, and a rainbow of vegetables, will provide the nutrients you need for recovery and sustained energy throughout your matches.

With age, our physical abilities may wane, but our mental resilience can become our secret weapon. Cultivate a positive mindset and embrace mindfulness techniques to maintain unwavering focus during matches. Use your experience to outsmart opponents.

Study your opponents' vulnerabilities, anticipate their moves, and adapt your strategy accordingly. Leverage your vast experience to become a shrewd tactician.

Facing younger, more agile opponents can be challenging. Rather than succumbing to frustration, consider these matches as opportunities to test your skill, adaptability, and mental toughness. Embrace the challenge.

If frustration rears its head, channel it constructively. Use it to fuel your training and preparation. Show yourself that you can compete at a high level and even outshine younger rivals through sheer determination.

Your reservoir of experience is a unique asset. Embrace it by continually refining your squash tactics. Draw from your rich history of matches to make shrewder decisions on the court, outwitting physically superior opponents.

Maintain a positive outlook on your journey as a Masters player. Understand that squash is as much a mental battle as a physical one. By staying positive, you'll be better equipped to face adversity, and your optimism can be contagious to those around you.

In summary, Masters squash players have a unique set of trials and triumphs. By training smartly, prioritising injury prevention, honing your mental game, and embracing your vast experience, you can continue to shine on the squash court, no matter your age. Physical limitations may slow us down, but they can't dull our mental acuity.

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