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Cutting-Edge Video Analytics Service

Unlock your true potential with the new cutting-edge video analytics service, designed for players who aspire to transform their game.

Rally Vision offers personalized and actionable recommendations to elevate your on-court match performance for your next tournament, through the power of AI-based video and data analysis.

Your submitted match video is broken down into 100K+ data points to provide insights on your strengths, improvement areas, patterns of play, and situational response to opponents’ strategy.

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Squash Skills
Squash Skills Squash Skills

Step-by-Step Overview

Share your match - Identify a tight 4-5 set loss (we learn most from our tournament losses).

Fill in a survey - Squash goals and time commitment.

Rally Vision AI platform analysis - Video breakdown into ball placement, shot type, shot quality, shot speed, movement, posture.

Personalized report (with video highlights) - A call with the Rally Vision team to get a detailed match analysis on strengths, weaknesses, patterns of play, key metrics, and top 3 improvement areas.

Keep growing - Work on your improvement areas and analyze future matches to track performance in a data-driven manner 

Sample Match Analysis

Why Rally Vision?

Become smarter: deep dive into your playing style with metrics that matter.

Personalized feedback: practical tips that are applicable to you.

Easy to use: share your video, one survey and let us do all the work.

Further Information

Mode of sharing: provide a link to the video.

‭• Google Drive, Dropbox, YouTube, etc.

‭• Videos can be from tournament links or self-recorded.

Video quality:

‭• 720p, 30 fps (most phones have this setting).

‭• Tripod / mounted camera.

‭• Full court view.

Things to avoid (to ensure maximum accuracy in report):

‭• Side view of court (with certain areas not visible).

‭• Camera mounted lower than 6 ft from the ground.

‭• Minimal crowd interference.

‭• Camera shakes.

Check out court view examples here, to make sure your video meets the requirements.

There are limited slots available each month and based on volume, the report time may take 4-5 days to process. You can provide us with a video anytime within 3 months of the purchase.

Have further questions?

We understand that you might have some more questions, or want a little more information before you commit.

Simply contact us and we can answer any questions you may have.

Squash Skills

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