Training /  Pairs - Lob practice (40mins)

    • Description:

      Focus on getting low underneath the ball, and using height on the front wall with an extended follow through as discussed by Peter Nicol in his lob playlist

    • Exercise Notes:Work for 4mins, and then switch positions with your partner. Repeat on both sides of the court.

    • Minutes on exercise:16:00

    • Description:

      Routine where order of shots is boast, cross lob, straight volley drive. If a volley isn't possible, straight drive instead. Make the routine more realistic by ensuring you push up to the T after your boast, rather than hanging back

    • Exercise Notes:Work for 5mins, and then switch to the other side of the court.

    • Minutes on exercise:10:00

    • Description:

      In the 1st game both players must hit above the service line and make the ball bounce behind the short line. for the 2nd game, add in the option of hitting a drop or kill on the volley to force your opponent to have to cover the front of the court

    • Exercise Notes:Play each of the two games to 11 points

    • Minutes on exercise:12:00