Training /  Pairs - Improving your backhand return of serve (45mins)

    • Description:

      In this drill both players are trying to hit volleys back to each other in a controlled fashion. Both players should maintain a stable, side on position, able to adjust to the flight of the ball. Rackets should be kept up and ready at all times

    • Exercise Notes:Work for 20 shots with Player 1 just behind the service box and Player 2 around the short line, and then switch positions. Work for 10mins in total

    • Minutes on exercise:10:00

    • Description:

      Drill where players stand in opposite back corners and hit cross volley lobs, getting under ball with open racket face. Players need to be alert, ready to meet ball in correct place. Focus on follow through to get ball travelling high cross-court<

    • Exercise Notes:Work for 10mins, and then switch positions

    • Minutes on exercise:20:00

    • Description:

      In this condition game every shot must be hit above service line, getting both players comfortable playing the high ball and giving lots of volley opportunities to practise. Focus on really watching/tracking the ball and, rotating the shoulders

    • Exercise Notes:Play the game through, with each rally a maximum of 10 shots long (5 shots from each player). Server should alternate for every rally regardless of winner, to give each player an even amount of serves to practise returning

    • Minutes on exercise:15:00