Training /  Pairs - Pressure Session 1 (40mins)

    • Description:

      One player works and one player feeds. Player working should hit their shot, return to the T and then ghost to opposite accordance with pattern described below. Working player should be kept under a constant rhythm with rising pressure

    • Exercise Notes:Continuous sequence of drop shot feed into opposite side drop shot ghost, volley feed into opposite side volley ghost, then length feed into opposite side length ghost. Alternate working 4 sets of 90secs each, then switch sides

    • Minutes on exercise:25:00

    • Description:

      Players hit rotating drives on one side, with option of volley drop at any time. After a volley drop, the player must follow up their OWN shot with a counter drop to THEMSELF, and then a straight drive back to the opponent to continue the rally

    • Exercise Notes:Work for 5mins on the FH, and then switch and work 5mins on the BH

    • Minutes on exercise:10:00