Training /  Solo - Volleying for Beginners (20mins)

A basic solo volleying session, designed to supplement the Nick Matthew 'Guide to Volleying Series - Part 1' playlist. Check out the blog and accompanying playlist for more technique guidance, and use this session to help put it into practice

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    • Description:

      Hit consecutive volleys to yourself standing on the short line and keeping the ball high and above
      the middle line. Focus on ball control and being side on the whole time

    • Exercise Notes:Work for 5mins and then change sides. Try and get 20 consecutive shots with no mistakes - If easily achieved, try and test yourself to do as many in a row you can do in 1-minute blocks

    • Minutes on exercise:10:00

    • Description:

      Starting on the T, self feed a ball onto the volley and practice hitting a straight volley drop.
      Focus on being side on at the contact point, being well balanced and directing the follow
      through to the target area

    • Exercise Notes:Feed 20 shots to yourself on each side before swapping. Challenge yourself by putting down a target on the floor to try and hit such as a shoe, and see how many of 20 you can hit

    • Minutes on exercise:10:00