Training /  Pairs - Wrist position focus (40mins)

    • Description:

      Routine where one player is boasting from the back corners, and the other player is playing straight drives from the front two corners. Both players should be focusing on following the advice from DP's playlist, and aiming to keep a firm wrist

    • Exercise Notes:Work for 3mins, then switch positions

    • Minutes on exercise:6:00

    • Description:

      In this exercise, one player is dropping from the back while the other player is hitting straight drives from the front. Focus on keeping the racket head above the wrist as you prepare for the shot, releasing it through as you complete your swing.

    • Exercise Notes:Work for 3mins then switch positions. Repeat on the FH and the BH.

    • Minutes on exercise:12:00

    • Description:

      In this practice both players stand on the line and hit cross court volleys to one another. This is very much a control exercise, so focus on keeping a solid wrist position and relaxed grip to allow for quick adaption to your partner's shot

    • Exercise Notes:Work for 4mins, then switch sides

    • Minutes on exercise:8:00

    • Description:

      Play a simple straight length rally with your partner, with both players focusing on keeping a firm wrist and an elevated racket head as outlined in DP's technical pointers. Aim to get a natural flow & rhythm to the practice.

    • Exercise Notes:Work for 5mins on the FH, and then 5mins on the BH

    • Minutes on exercise:10:00