Training /  Pairs - Volleying for Beginners (25mins)

A basic solo volleying session, designed to supplement the Nick Matthew 'Guide to Volleying Series - Part 1' playlist. Check out the blog and accompanying playlist for more technique guidance, and use this session to help put it into practice

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    • Description:

      Both players play rolling drives above the service line. When appropriate look to step forward and take a volley hitting the ball straight and accurate down the side wall. Look to get the footwork correct for this drill

    • Exercise Notes:Work for 8mins, and then change sides

    • Minutes on exercise:16:00

    • Description:

      Pattern of drive, drive cross court but keeping ball on or above the service line all the time. This should give both players volley opportunities they should be looking for. Look to anticipate the cross court to practice volley control

    • Exercise Notes:Work for 5mins with each player playing their cross court from one side only, and then switch sides for a further 5mins

    • Minutes on exercise:10:00