Training /  Backhand drop shot test

  • SV

    Steven van Kooten, 22:11, Monday 19th October 2020

    What is the time frame to use?

  • HI

    Humza Iqbal, 09:37, Sunday 3rd March 2019

    This is amazingly hard

  • RA

    Raul Arenas, 01:48, Wednesday 19th April 2017

    This is harder than I thought. I hit the paper once then could not hit it again until like 30 min of trying. The consistent feed, for one, needs to be worked on. Long way to go...

  • TM

    Tom McKay, 08:48, Thursday 8th December 2016

    What is the length of time for the test period!?

    • CS

      C Scott, 21:12, Monday 12th December 2016

      2 minutes I think

  • MY

    Mike Yorston, 00:45, Wednesday 13th April 2016

    How long should the allotted time be?

  • KA

    khaled Ahmed, 08:57, Tuesday 8th March 2016

    can't hear the video. there is something wrong.