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    Gyffes , 01:29, Wednesday 7th December 2016

    Something I'd like to share is "Lob Drive Boast... with variations." I like to start with a serve (lob), because practicing serve (and return of serve) is key. We start with several rounds of "(crosscourt) Lob, Drive, Boast" focusing on making the lob and drive defensive shots (high, arcing, trying to land them in teacups in back). The boast is the opportunity to attack, often right at the service line.

    Once we have a good groove going, we add the option to drive from the front (instead of merely lobbing). This has the added bonus of forcing the player in the back to the middle, so they don't just camp the service box waiting for the lob.

    Again, once we have flow going, we add the option to drive from the back when boast would normally be called for. Now the players are really working for the T and watching their opponent closely because over-playing the expected boast opens you to a good rail. It's nearly a full game (drops and cross-court Vs from the back are all that're disallowed), but at it's core remains Lob Drive Boast, an excellent base.