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Start Date: 9th January 2024

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Train With Nick Matthew!

'The Wolf' is once again joining forces with SquashSkills, bringing you the ultimate New Year training plan!

Hit 2024 running with our fitness-focused training group, led by 3 time World Champion Nick Matthew.

In his prime, Nick was regarded as one of the very finest athletes on the professional world tour, and this is your chance to gain access to the methods and workouts that he used to reach the absolute pinnacle of the sport.

About The Online Course

Getting into peak physical condition is crucial to maximising your game, and what better time to start than the dawn of the New Year?

Whether your goals are more high-level performance related, or simply about getting healthier and in better shape, this course caters for all. The course structure contains a variety of workouts aimed at different physical attributes and different levels of fitness, meaning it's suited to all no matter your starting point.

Nick will be assisted by SquashSkills Fitness Director Gary Nisbet as you're put through your paces on the 6-week course, designed around a focused plan of on and off-court squash conditioning sessions, alongside daily support via a dedicated WhatsApp chat group.

Gain advice from Nick and Gary about training, learn how to enhance recovery and live healthier to maximise your results, or just join in with some stimulating squash-based discussion!

So don't delay - join together with Nick Matthew and the SquashSkills team to take the first step towards a new year & new you this January!

Sign Up Now and Get:

A 6-week fitness training course with 2 main and 1 bonus session per week, combining on-court and off-court sessions to better understand your body and enhance your physical attributes essential to squash.

3 Exclusive Zoom calls with Nick and Gary covering various topics (Recordings will be available if you can't attend).

Direct access to Nick and Gary via WhatsApp group chat for daily feedback and motivation.

Full access to SquashSkills Playlists and Training app during the course to support your development.


I've completed a few of the training camps, but this one with Nick Matthew far exceeded my expectations. I loved the variety the weeks provided. I tend to focus more on playing than training, but this STC really opened my eyes into how I could and should structure my training week around playing. I feel stronger, faster and fitter than ever and my match results are reflecting this. Thanks to Nick, Gary and my fellow STC teammates from across the globe. The accountability, camaraderie and access to elite level coaching make these courses something very special to be a part of.
STC participant
The STC offers brilliant insights into how pro's prepare for games, both physically, and mentally. After the program concludes, you get to keep all that you have learned, including the materials describing the training program. So you can focus on the items that you feel have to be improved. During the program itself you are being cheered on by the consisting of your squash peers, SquashSkills coaches and Nick Matthew himself. What more could you ask for?
STC participant
I really recommend the STC courses! You can have access to extremely profound approach to the game, from the best players in the world! It's a kind of dream for us who love squash and who love learning and improving all aspects of the game!
STC participant
My footwork has improved 100%. My movement 100%. My confidence to believe in myself 100%. Back again 1000%. A really really great course. I would recommend to all levels. Loved the discussions and tips.
STC participant
SquashSkills does a phenomenal job of putting together excellent, effective and practical training courses with awesome pros! A splendid way to improve our squash with challenging and engrossing workouts along with important mental support.
Teresa Conza
Having completed my 4th course I’ve benefited from massive physical and mental gains. My mind has been able to remain focused and positive, and physically I’m in the best shape of my life and have managed to lose 4kg!
Scott Richardson
SquashSkills have provided a place for me to link up with other players young and old around the world as part of a community. The learning is excellent and the sharing makes it fun! Nick and Gary are so generous with their time and advice- even when we go slightly off subject! The online group is key to my enjoyment of the training clubs and I have met so many other squash lovers -we come together to challenge ourselves and share the love of our great sport whilst learning from the best in the game. Thank you to Sandra, Jethro, Gary and of course Nick for making it a brilliant experience.
STC participant


You can yes! The whole course will take place online using the SquashSkills Training app and WhatsApp. 

The program consists of 2 main sessions and 1-2 bonus sessions per week.

Each session is around 30-45 minutes long. You will receive new sessions every week and you can finish the sessions around your availability.

There are no specific days for the sessions and the whole course is very flexible!

It is suitable for all levels from beginners to pros. The coaches will make sure you receive training suitable for your level and recommend any adjustments where needed.

It is suitable for all ages, including juniors. As the main communication channel with the coaches and the rest of the team is WhatsApp then it is either the junior or the parent, or both, can join the WhatsApp group to keep an eye on any notes, activities etc, depending on how the family decides.

Have Further Questions?

You can contact Sandra via email if you have any further questions about the Training Club courses.

My SquashSkills Training Club Experience – Teresa Conza
My SquashSkills Training Club Experience – Scott Richardson
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