Squash /  Full series - Pressure drills with Shaun Moxham

  • SA

    Stefan Alex, 15:49, Wednesday 17th July 2019

    Hi Shaun
    Can you give us more details (distance) about the markers on the court ?
    Why do you mark lines which point to the middle of front wall ?

  • CV

    Carles Venedors, 02:56, Thursday 30th May 2019

    I am always impressed by Shaun. He and his wife worked with the team at our school. He develops unique drills that are tailored to the individual, and he speaks in a calm way that is always easy to understand. Please upload more Shaun Moxham coaching videos.

  • PC

    Phil Colville, 19:39, Wednesday 29th May 2019

    (steady on chaps .. 65 yr old talking here) BIG impact. Did my weekly drills session with my regular partner this morning. Started with boast/long drop v. straight drive/cross. I already knew that I was hanging back too much when I was doing the back part of this drill. I (optimistically !!!) put my foam roller about 0.5m behind the T - couldn't believe it - I couldn't get there!! Very quickly ended up placing it just deeper than the back of the service box; from there I could recover to in front of the roller on each shot but WOW it was SO knackering .. I found myself under intense pressure to either volley boast OR play an immaculate volley drop OR a very deep lunge into the corner .. this was very different from the usual feel of the drill where I convinced myself that I was moving into and out of the T but really I was dancing around at the back of the court. It was invigorating, exhausting and empowering. In short it felt more like a hard game rally rather than a drill. My partner found the position of the roller almost impossibly challenging, only managing to get in front of it twice in a PAR11 game (we play one game from each position). When in the front court position I didn't use a second roller BUT (and this was very interesting) I felt psychologically pressured to return to the T in a way that I have never felt before .. again simulating a real game. It was as though something had triggered in my brain that transformed the way I was moving in the drills. Throughout the rest of our session I felt the same acute pressure to move correctly and adopt the correct T position (even though it was very very TOUGH) - it was amazing. I came off court after 1 hour feeling absolutely shattered .. I just sat still and perspired like a tap for 5 minutes, pretty much unable to move. This was undoubtedly the best drills session I have ever had. Just one foam roller used in just one drill and it had this huge impact – amazing, and thank you Shaun for sharing this wonderful concept :)

    • JB

      J Binns, 11:45, Thursday 30th May 2019

      Wonderful stuff!

  • NR

    Nik Rasula, 12:27, Wednesday 29th May 2019

    Amazing! Thanks for sharing, just so enlightening. Thanks also for explaining the attribute benefits developed, and the Why. Thanks also for demonstrating what to watch for. Will watch again and again! Can understand why David Palmer's volley game was so effective. Superb!

  • NR

    Nik Rasula, 13:55, Saturday 25th May 2019

    Amazing! Thanks for sharing. So enlightening. Thanks also for explaining the attribute benefits developed, and the way! The, what to watch for. Will watch again...and again! Can understand too why David Palmer's volley game was so effective.

  • RA

    Rameez Ashraf, 14:57, Wednesday 22nd May 2019

    I love what he has done with the court (all the guiding lines). Really interesting!

  • SM

    Sebastien Michaud, 00:24, Wednesday 22nd May 2019

    Pure gold right here, well done guys!!

  • JE

    Jesse Engelbrecht, 09:08, Tuesday 21st May 2019

    Really cool and innovative stuff here! A must watch for all coaches as well as players looking to really take their game onto the next level. The 2 foam rollers for the short backswing is awesome and a really great way to get this feeling in someones game. I try this a lot with my players and struggle to find a way to get them to realise this under pressure.

  • PB

    Peter Bryttne, 06:04, Tuesday 21st May 2019

    Apart from a very interesting way of running these sessions with the rollers I feel that Shaun is very clear and professional in his way of presenting the drills. The court seems to be almost purpose made for this type of filming. Well done.

  • OR

    Owen Rodwell, 05:14, Tuesday 21st May 2019

    Really great looking drills. Wish I had thought to use foam rollers as obstacles when I coached. Not sure about using them as targets though, towels work great as you can fold them to make them the size you want and they won't always deflect the ball away when you hit them so it leads to less breaks in the practice.