Squash /  In conversation - coaching juniors in competition with Bryan Patterson

  • MR

    Michael F Riley, 18:24, Friday 31st January 2020

    Love Brians comments. All great stuff. Can we stop saying "a bad decision" lets say a "decision you did not like", it just paints the referees in a bad light.

  • KP

    Kiran Parmar, 17:01, Friday 24th January 2020

    Really good pointers in coaching Juniors and how and what to communicate.

  • PB

    Peter Belden, 21:39, Tuesday 21st January 2020

    Thanks for a great video. Enjoyed the bit about asking the player how they think they did. And I liked the reassurance that you can really only convey 1-3 things between games. Keep it simple.