Squash /  Full series - Attacking patterns of play with LJ

  • GM

    G M, 20:23, Friday 10th January 2020

    Great Series!!! Way to go LJ, I love the content :)

  • GG

    Garrett Gillespie, 20:06, Saturday 2nd November 2019

    Excellent series. I've watched it a few times, and I've had good results applying it to match play. Could we have a part 2?

  • PM

    Paul Matthewman, 12:09, Tuesday 22nd October 2019

    LJ I have been looking for this type of video for years.
    It is an excellent presentation explained just as I like it,
    I like to understand the reasons behind each routine & why you do them.
    There is so much I can take from these videos I will be watching them again & again.
    It was great that you also showed us the practice to go with each of the options.
    Many thanks Paul

  • KC

    Keith Coughtrie, 21:01, Friday 23rd August 2019

    Really helpful thank you

  • AM

    Arnaud Malan, 09:21, Friday 23rd August 2019

    This was a brilliant series! Some of these things I already knew, but LJ took it a step further and showed me how to follow it up correctly. Thank you LJ!

  • FM

    Francisco Madureira, 13:18, Tuesday 20th August 2019

    Great series. Very useful and remembering how you start playing with principles and not only go on court and striking the ball.
    Should always have goal. With this series became clear every have a retrieve and with this kind of work you can more ofensive and proactive with your game.

  • A

    andystevenson , 18:56, Sunday 18th August 2019

    Excellent series

  • HD

    Henri de By, 17:09, Sunday 18th August 2019

    Great to have a top pro explain his level of thinking and these patterns. Especially, the way in which LJ is instructing how as an amateur player you can apply these attacking patterns, complete with the possible counter (defensive) shots you should expect. One more note: the video clips from matches LJ uses to illustrate his points are extremely well chosen and cut together. Super series!!

  • JA

    Joshua Austin, 19:46, Saturday 17th August 2019

    A good follow-up series would be how to defend against these patterns of play if someone uses them against you.

  • M

    Morris , 18:55, Friday 16th August 2019

    Excellent presentation brilliantly explained LJ.

  • GB

    Gary Buckle, 12:07, Monday 12th August 2019

    One of the major flaws for players of my standard is not being able to fabricate a pattern that results in a command of the game. This series was a breath of fresh air! Also loved the way you dealt with the ambiguity of playing the right shots and the emphasis on practicing. Great series AJ - thx.

    • GB

      G Buckle, 12:08, Monday 12th August 2019

      Meant LJ :)

    • LA

      L Anjema, 17:12, Wednesday 14th August 2019

      Thanks Gary! All the best!!

  • FT

    Farangis Taheri, 10:34, Monday 12th August 2019

    Hi im fom iran,I live in iran. can i use your videos?

    • SS

      S SquashSkills, 12:27, Thursday 15th August 2019

      HI Farangis, if you have any queries about using SquashSkills videos then please contact me on sandra@squashskills.com