Squash /  Full series - The forehand technique with Peter Nicol

  • NR

    Nik Rasula, 14:13, Tuesday 27th November 2018

    I've started teaching the Peter Nicol "Little bit" method on racquet preparation. Little bit up, little bit open, little bit out, and little bit back!
    Thanks Peter, this makes it easy to teach and easy to learn.

  • JD

    Jacques Depocas, 18:02, Thursday 11th January 2018

    Peter is an excellent professor! He really knows how to explain/simplify the dynamics of the stroke.

    • TK

      T Knezevic, 17:24, Monday 4th March 2019

      I agree

  • HS

    Håkan Strömberg, 19:01, Wednesday 20th December 2017

    Super! Looking forward to the backhand.

  • DB

    Derek Bohannan, 20:39, Tuesday 19th December 2017

    Looking forward to the exact same thing on the BH!

  • DP

    Dave Porter, 23:07, Monday 18th December 2017

    Great series Peter!