Squash /  Full series - Mental approach with Peter Nicol

  • SM

    Sebastien Michaud, 19:31, Monday 2nd March 2020

    Very good advice...I've been struggling with keeping my head in check when I'm feeling the scoreboard pressure. This is really helpful!!

  • FH

    Faraz Hussain, 19:26, Monday 2nd March 2020

    Good series. I've been doing it opposite all along, i.e getting mad during match play and being happy admiring my shots during solo.. Need to start getting much more critical of my solo and relaxing during match play.

  • SM

    Sotiris Meintanis, 15:32, Wednesday 26th February 2020

    excellent video and really meaningful advice; especially for the players out there who are very harsh with themselves on court during tough matches.

  • SM

    Sergio Monforte, 07:18, Wednesday 26th February 2020

    Thanks very clear summary of all the process