Squash /  Practising rhythm of movement

  • SE

    Sasha Evdokimova, 21:50, Monday 27th May 2019

    Great! Thanks.

  • VB

    Vivek Bennet, 02:45, Tuesday 6th June 2017


  • ME

    Megan Evans, 18:52, Saturday 18th March 2017

    Fab!! Just what I needed. Credit to Nick for nip-picking at something that's so important for developing your game

  • AL

    Andrik Lim, 15:11, Thursday 12th January 2017

    fantastic advice , I'll practice on it. TQVM

  • CF

    Cavish Farrukh, 10:02, Saturday 19th November 2016

    fantastic advice

  • LD

    Lawrence Devore, 00:44, Monday 19th September 2016

    Love the quick-slow tip. My pro has been pushing this theme with my lessons, but never put it in this simple language. BTW, I'd call that 100%.

  • OK

    Oliver King, 11:56, Friday 16th September 2016

    Fantastic series thanks very much

  • GB

    Gary Buckle, 16:25, Thursday 15th September 2016

    Probably the simplest but most effective advice on movement I've ever seen.

  • NR

    Nik Rasula, 15:15, Wednesday 14th September 2016

    Am intrigued by the grip as the key to unlocking. Can you elaborate? Perhaps in another video session.

    • MK

      M Kirby, 14:25, Sunday 9th October 2016

      This was excellent. Is it possible to have some movement tips or positioning after you have served? I find I get caught up not sure where to position myself especially when you have effectively hit it deep are in front and can get cross courted quite easily. I have a tendency to turn towards the shot rather than turning your head. But I notice Nick also does this and turns quite a lot towards the side of play?