Squash /  Hitting down on the ball

How much does your own technique resemble what’s been shown here?

  • Not at all

  • It looks just like it

  • PM

    Paul Miles, 07:34, Sunday 19th March 2017

    Great video, especially the tip on extending too far, too early on the forehand volley forcing the jab. I now understand why my volleys are failing.

  • NL

    Neil Langridge, 16:09, Monday 16th May 2016

    DP when you say hit down on the ball, thinking of a clock face where on the ball do you hit it?

    • PN

      P Nicol, 08:10, Tuesday 17th May 2016

      Hi Neil, you're coming down the back of the ball so going from 4 to 5 o'clock.

    • NL

      N Langridge, 09:35, Saturday 21st May 2016

      Cheers Peter, I tried it and the effect is immediate, when its hit as described.