Squash /  Full series - Approaching the ball with Thierry Lincou

  • LD

    Lawrence Dagenais, 02:49, Tuesday 8th January 2019

    This is the best coaching on movement that I have ever seen. Very clear and technical, broken down in just the right way to maximize understanding.

  • VS

    vince smith, 05:55, Monday 26th November 2018

    Best explanation on split step I've ever seen. Vince

  • AB

    Andrew B, 16:57, Thursday 14th December 2017

    Brilliant series

  • PA

    pedro aspahan, 17:25, Sunday 3rd December 2017

    lovely playlist!!!

  • EB

    Edward Burlingame, 12:06, Sunday 3rd December 2017

    Excellent series, but Lincou doesn't explain how you determine when to take a first step from the T with which leg. He simply says: with this first step you're going to hit from a closed stance, and from this step an open stance. What determines this initial step when moving forward?

    • JB

      J Binns, 14:24, Wednesday 6th December 2017

      In theory your left leg should drive you into the front right corner and vice versa but to be honest, it's a case of whatever happens first. You won;t have time to think about it in a match and it will come instinctively. Hope that helps...

  • SR

    Salvador Ruiz, 04:55, Thursday 30th November 2017

    GREAT teacher

  • HS

    Håkan Strömberg, 09:13, Wednesday 29th November 2017

    Great! Perfectly clear.

  • SR

    Steven Richter, 06:27, Wednesday 29th November 2017

    Thierry explains and demonstrates so well. One of the best on Squash Skills. More content from him would be excellent.

  • GB

    Gary Buckle, 18:06, Tuesday 28th November 2017

    Incredible!!! This is my solo sessions planned for the next month. As always Thierry puts his point over very passionately. Love it!

  • NR

    Nik Rasula, 14:00, Tuesday 28th November 2017

    Thierry, can you do a series on foot strike/balance/proprioception?

  • RS

    Rai Sinclair, 11:43, Tuesday 28th November 2017

    Brilliant! At last, I finally understand the split step concept. I have always admired Thierry's movement. This playlist has got to be my number one. I went on court today and did all the routines with complete understanding of what my feet were doing. Thanks squashskills and thanks Thierry

  • NR

    Nik Rasula, 14:53, Monday 27th November 2017

    Wow! Thierry, this is great. I will share this with my team! Thanks so much!