Squash /  Full series - Holding the ball

  • SM

    Simon Martin, 12:55, Friday 18th May 2018

    great insight into Holding&breaking opponents rythym.Also like to coach &vary where we hit the ball on the bounce which keeps them guessing:)

  • AM

    Abbas Maniar, 13:21, Saturday 7th April 2018

    Great series!!

  • RB

    Robin Broadberry, 20:59, Thursday 5th April 2018

    Fabulous holding the ball video. Interesting to see holds broken down into different methods and categories which gives some good insights for playing and coaching. Can wait to get back on court and try some out.

  • GP

    George Peppard, 19:01, Wednesday 4th April 2018

    Great follow-up to Jesse's series on the "3 C's". No better way to ruin an opponents day.

  • GE

    Greg Everett, 10:47, Wednesday 4th April 2018

    Hello Jesse, squash takes a break tonight, come on you reds! Actually will use this deception today, will work on the mid court stuff

    • JE

      J Engelbrecht, 11:41, Wednesday 4th April 2018

      No Aguero tonight...I'm still nervous though! Managed to sneak a ticket to the derby match on Sat also! That could be spicy! Good luck on the hold! Get your opponents legs like jelly! :)

  • JR

    James Roberts, 22:47, Tuesday 3rd April 2018

    Loved this series of videos. Jesse is a great communicator - really clear expression of ideas and instructions. I particularly liked his suggestion of building the hold from the base up, and especially planting the feet when ready to hit. I tried it eagerly this evening and felt it made me more aware of trying to arrive as early as possible to the ball to generate greater shot options. Only 1 game but I'm looking forward to building this more into the way I play ...

  • SQ

    Saqib Qureshi, 17:50, Tuesday 3rd April 2018

    Love Jesse's videos. Such a gifted coach. Thank you Jesse