Squash /  Full series - backhand return of serve feat. Stingray with Jesse Engelbrecht

  • SQ

    Saqib Qureshi, 22:56, Thursday 21st November 2019

    Love this playlist, Jesse. Always love your videos

  • JT

    Jordan Torbiak, 03:35, Saturday 25th May 2019

    Awesome video, Jesse. I love the amount of detail in this.

  • NP

    nicholas peak, 11:40, Friday 17th May 2019

    very helpful Jesse. I would love to see the whole thing again with the camera angle changed to shoot from the opponents back corner of the serve box to show the ball coming at you from the players perspective for half of the stingray shots.

  • IG

    ian graham, 10:21, Friday 17th May 2019

    Great video. I started to sink down before the shot and my returns improved markedly.

  • AK

    Aniket Khera, 19:30, Thursday 9th May 2019

    Great video, thx! Which ball machine is that?

    • SS

      S SquashSkills, 11:04, Friday 10th May 2019

      Hi Aniket, the ball machine is Stingray, here's the link to their website: https://stingraysquash.com

  • FT

    F Thompson, 06:21, Wednesday 8th May 2019

    Awesome video. Just what I need!

  • CV

    Carles Venedors, 03:39, Wednesday 8th May 2019

    This is gold.

  • MD

    Megan Duncan Williams, 03:05, Wednesday 8th May 2019

    Thanks Jesse (and team)... what an awesome training video. Can't wait to go and practice this. Biggest takeaway for me was the starting position - leaning into your opponent and tracking the ball around with your racquet. I think that will help me to anticipate the ball movement much easier. Look forward to trying these techniques out. Oh... and our club just received a new ball machine too - that should be fun to use!!!

    • SR

      S Richter, 00:35, Wednesday 15th May 2019

      This explains yours improvement hey Megan :)