Squash /  Zero to Hero: Basic technique

  • NB

    Navtej Bisla, 17:47, Wednesday 5th December 2018

    Super vid, I just wrote in asking for real simple breakdowns of the swing, especially for juniors. This will really help. More of those analogies needed. I heard one for the backhand of imagining sweeping through a line of paper cups on a table. The part regarding making the shape of the back hand at the beginning of the swing needs expanding. That feeling of torque in the right shoulder and facing the racket face towards the ceiling before swinging around.

  • PK

    Pradeep Kumar Nair, 18:19, Thursday 13th September 2018

    Are there exercises to learn how to get the racquet up quickly, compared to slowly?

  • GB

    Gary Buckle, 17:08, Tuesday 4th September 2018

    Fantastic insight! game changing series! - Would really love a pdf of bullet points I could refer to when I'm doing my solo's.