Squash /  How to play at pace

  • GG

    Graham Gee, 22:38, Saturday 7th January 2017

    We must be looking at different links. When I click on the "Check out this week's free episode here..." link, I wind up at this video.

  • , 09:15, Wednesday 4th January 2017

    Hi Guys, the ad takes you through to the free video titled 'Learn to volley more'. I have just checked and this is free to view as stated. This is a different video in the playlist which is not free or advertised as free. Does that make sense?

    • P

      p , 22:08, Monday 16th January 2017

      Thanks for responding. I found the free 'learn to volley more' video this time.

  • GM

    Graham Madge, 19:03, Tuesday 3rd January 2017

    same issue as Peter

  • P

    peter , 17:56, Tuesday 3rd January 2017

    Your ad says watch the free video but when I click on it I can't. Disappointing.