Squash /  Full series - Mental tricks

  • KW

    Kathyrn Winterstein, 19:29, Saturday 18th April 2020

    Really enjoyed this series. The advice about turning your thoughts into positive ones is great. I will definately be trying the advice out. Especially liked the advice on cheating - as a female club player I can get frustrated playing in the leagues. I have also this season been determined to not loose the 4th game at 2-1 ahead - and have done it.

  • TK

    Tomislav Knezevic, 17:37, Wednesday 19th December 2018


  • DB

    David Bray, 05:55, Sunday 6th May 2018

    Thanks Peter, particularly like the advice on being 2-1 up/down. I regularly make the mistake of going into cruise mode when I'm 2-1 up and lose the match - my mind regularly let's me down. No longer!

  • PS

    Pat Siciliano, 18:39, Thursday 24th August 2017

    Great advice Peter! as a coach I find the hardest thing is keeping the player upbeat and positive or in a go forward mode when a few things go wrong on court! In outdoor sports the frustration seems to float into the air and eventually disappears but on a squash court it can't escape so as you suggest there is a need to turn the frustration and the negative vibes into positives by learning from what has just happened!

  • , 11:59, Wednesday 23rd August 2017


  • TL

    Ted Lovejoy, 21:27, Tuesday 22nd August 2017

    this is great stuff. the advice by peter is awesome. i hope everyone is watching and learning some new tricks to keep focused and keep the winning attitude.