Squash /  Physicality

  • DF

    david fallon, 03:34, Wednesday 29th January 2020

    I would think that one of the advantages of playing men is how it sharpens a woman’s skill. Many men are 6 feet tall forcing a woman’s length to be tighter, forcing crosses to be wider, lobs higher, etc....then when moving back to a ladies league game the shots are that much sharper....

  • LN

    Lisa Nowak, 23:10, Tuesday 17th July 2018

    I'm not sure how helpful this video is. The message I get from this video is 'don't sulk if you lose to a man otherwise he won't want to play you again'. In my experience, technically weak male players compensate through strength - when playing against these sorts of players I have to really focus on the quality of my shots. When it comes off I get a great sense of satisfaction but losing to someone who just wacks the ball as hard as they can just winds me up.

    Maybe I'm lucky but I've never had any issues with getting games from guys at my club - I'm saddened to hear about Laura's experience as a young girl. I wonder how much that was down to male ego.