Squash /  Full series - Women playing men with Laura Massaro

  • RM

    Ryan Munroe, 02:01, Wednesday 28th November 2018

    Should be edited, a bit repetitive.

  • KV

    khat vaiya, 18:28, Tuesday 18th September 2018

    Actually, now that I've watched to the end, I take back my last comment. It should be deleted not because it lacked substance (it did) but because it's incredibly condescending. Unbelievable.

  • KV

    khat vaiya, 18:25, Tuesday 18th September 2018

    wow. 5 mins in... and nothing of substance. this video should be deleted.

  • MK

    Matthew Knights, 15:11, Saturday 21st July 2018

    Hi can't play any of the videos?

  • RB

    richard Brabant, 04:27, Wednesday 18th July 2018

    esomething is wrong
    it is always the same video !!!!!