Squash /  Full series - Yes lets with Lee Drew

  • MB

    Matthew Baker, 11:58, Thursday 7th March 2019

    If instead of making contact I choose to 'run around' a static player in order to get the ball - therefore not having direct access - is that still a Yes Let even though there was no actual interference?

  • SA

    Sadaf Assadi, 16:02, Saturday 17th November 2018

    In the front-left interference clip from Gawad and Rosner, had that been a winning shot from Rosner, would the ref have awarded a no let?

  • DP

    Damian Paton-Gay, 22:00, Monday 12th November 2018

    The rules around interference are very clear, though, in real life, the myriad of possible positions makes it much more nuanced. Given that, it’s remarkable how few players are familiar with the exact wording of section 8. In most sports, players are very familiar with rules (eg offside in rugby, football, hockey etc...), but in squash we tend to say “it’s all a grey area”. Maybe, rather than “the referee deciding” we should focus on what the rules allow so that players can more effectively referee themselves.

  • SA

    Shoaib Ahmed, 08:04, Wednesday 7th November 2018

    Lots of white screens intermittently.

  • JD

    Jack Dale, 04:07, Wednesday 7th November 2018

    White screen at 17:00

  • JD

    Jack Dale, 03:54, Wednesday 7th November 2018

    There are four categories of interference: front wall, direct access, swing and fair view. Those four are subsets of inference. The first example present is a direct access interference.

  • B

    BA , 17:22, Tuesday 6th November 2018

    Same thing happens to me at 18mins. Clips show as normal for maybe 10 secs and then return to white screen.

  • BM

    Benton Mitchell, 16:45, Tuesday 6th November 2018

    I'm getting the same thing. From ~17' on the match clips clips show up as normal, but when it cuts to Lee's shot the screen is all white.

  • JB

    Jethro Binns, 22:13, Monday 5th November 2018

    Hi Stephen, that's odd, can you try again? It's working fine for me, assume it's a local issue?

  • JB

    Jethro Binns, 22:12, Monday 5th November 2018

    Hi Stephe, that's odd, can you try again? It's working fine for me, assume it's a local issue?

  • SS

    Stephen Smith, 16:24, Monday 5th November 2018

    Lost pictures from about 17 mins onwards