Squash /  Referee and Marker calls

  • LH

    Lee Healy, 19:04, Wednesday 7th November 2018

    Don't forget that in these videos there is the added difficulty for the viewer / audience that there is also the voice of the commentator and that can also confuse the viewer. For example in an earlier video the ball is called "out" by the marker but the COMMENTATOR (as well as Lee!) says the ball is "out of court" which would not be the correct marker call. Nowadays the fewer words in the calls the better so it's simply "out!"

  • OL

    Oliver Lu, 04:59, Wednesday 31st October 2018

    Didn't really understand the very end where he said the referee is in charge of decisions (and the video showed a referee addressing the players) while the marker is in charge of verbalizing the decisions...also the title is wrong as someone else noted.

    • LH

      L Healy, 19:00, Wednesday 7th November 2018

      On appeal the referee gives the decision and the marker repeats it. I know, can be confusing but that's correct. The marker calls the scores and the play ("not up", "down", "fault", "out" etc.

  • JD

    Jack Dale, 02:07, Tuesday 30th October 2018

    The title does not match the content.

  • JD

    Jack Dale, 02:06, Tuesday 30th October 2018

    The referee is responsible for timing, not the marker.