Squash /  Too much distance

  • ML

    Mark Lawrence, 05:28, Wednesday 21st November 2018

    But, aftee the ball has rebounded from the front wall, Omar Mossad is not given unobstructed direct access to the ball. Had Nick Matthew been on the T, he would have been and most likely would have got to the ball. Therefore from the rules, No Let, surely?

    • ML

      M Lawrence, 05:33, Wednesday 21st November 2018

      I mean, Stroke to Mossad, especially as Nick Matthew is not making every effort to clear the ball.
      Except there is contact between the players (which may be a conduct issue) and Missed does not request a let before but only after interference has occurred, so perhaps, equally, no let.
      For my money Nick Matthew should have boasted the ball off the left wall so it finished in the front right corner, thus eliminating any interference and meaning Mossad would have to run from the back left corner to the front right.
      But I don't see how the distance has anything to do with the decision, using the rules from the England Squash website (updated 2015) so I see it as a Stroke to Mossad.