Squash /  The issue of ball watching

How much does your own technique resemble what’s been shown here?

  • Not at all

  • It looks just like it

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    Paul Miles, 17:44, Sunday 20th August 2017

    Seems fundamental but for some reason I look away as the ball is hit. Frustrating!!

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    Paul Main, 13:42, Tuesday 9th May 2017

    "Chunking" is the right word. Many players will know what it feels like to have their opponent read their shot before they have played it, but we all experience it the other way when we play total beginners. It's all down to our experience on court and being able to read AND interpret the cues and that comes from court time and "deliberate" practice. I would recommend "Bounce" by Matthew Syed for a real in depth look at it.