Squash /  Full series - Creating flow through the shot with Lee Drew

  • SQ

    Saqib Qureshi, 21:19, Wednesday 20th March 2019

    Excellent playlist, thank you Lee, love your videos and your commentary as well.

  • JC

    Juan Carlos Climent, 03:24, Thursday 17th January 2019

    Excellent lessons!! Very subtle and yet so powerful. Thanks for sharing so succintly years of experience on movement to and from the T.

  • PB

    Peter Bryttne, 15:40, Wednesday 16th January 2019

    Hi there! At one stage you talk about the difference when taking the ball at the back of the court. You say that you might arrive a bit early and hold your shot. The flow is one thing but disrupting the game by holding the shot enables you to get your opponent out of balance. This is not me not agreeing with the flow thinking but arriving very early to the ball can give you the opportunity to hold the shot or go very early and I see it as slightly different options. When I see the likes of Ashour and Shabana I marvel at their amazing ability to hold or not hold their shots to confuse their opponents - so as I see it they use total flow sometimes and "partial" flow other times. Makes sense?

  • DM

    David Mann, 15:13, Sunday 13th January 2019

    Absolutely Brilliant video. One addendum idea is to get an additional video on how to practice those various lunge positions off the court.

  • FE

    Finn Erik Pettersen, 12:02, Saturday 12th January 2019

    By far, the most valuable video created by Drew boy. So important for players really looking to improve to reach a high level and it covers so many aspects of movement linked with the shot and it is very well communicated. Thanks!

  • KF

    Kjartan Vibe Fersum, 19:14, Wednesday 9th January 2019

    Great video Lee - from my POV NM is nowhere near a double hit :)

  • DH

    David Hampton, 18:04, Wednesday 9th January 2019

    Fabulous, many thanks Lee. Lots to think about and anything that improves my economy of movement will be a huge benefit. Can scarcely believe my eyes, does Nick Matthew double-hit at 11:40 of the full video?

  • MB

    Mike Broadbent, 16:18, Tuesday 8th January 2019

    This is superb, thanks very much, JUST what I need :)

  • DB

    Don Bicknell, 15:30, Tuesday 8th January 2019


  • GP

    George Peppard, 14:38, Tuesday 8th January 2019

    Another excellent breakdown of court movement by Lee Drew. Thanks, it provides an excellent guide for ghosting as well.