Squash /  Full series - Drops from mid court

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    Gyffes , 00:45, Friday 27th October 2017

    New England viewer, here; once they load (sometimes can take a little bit), streaming is no issue. Part of why I really appreciate the "watch the whole series" option: load once, enjoy repeatedly.

  • OR

    Owen Rodwell, 17:08, Thursday 26th October 2017

    Good series. But no examples of a Willstrop backhand drop...an oversight surely?!

  • RT

    Richard Thompson, 12:21, Thursday 26th October 2017

    excellent videos - no streaming issues on my side

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    Rass Tesfa, 01:31, Thursday 26th October 2017

    I find these videos really facinating and benifical but I think your system have network issues. I may get 3-4 seconds of streaming then I have to wait 30 seconds, or some times minutes, before it continues. At best this is extremely challanging and it has been happening for some months. I am in North America. I hope this can be remedied as quickly as possible.

    • , 12:13, Thursday 26th October 2017

      Hi Rass, that's interesting as all the videos are hosted on Vimeo and shouldn't relate to the website. As a test, could you see if you get any similar issues if you watch videos on the Vimeo site?

  • , 16:30, Wednesday 25th October 2017

    Hi Nik, yes. When I talk about it's as if i'm stood right behind the ball looking at the front wall. So 3 o'clock would mean hitting the outside of the ball on the FH and then the inside of ball on the backhand (right handed). Hope that's clear...

    • GD

      G Delgado, 16:55, Thursday 26th October 2017

      Would you recommend anything different to teach this to semi-beginner kids? I have found many to be very stiff at the wrist and body open to the front wall plus they close their racquet face a lot so I’m not sure teaching hitting the outside of the ball would help them. Do you have tips for this group?

  • NR

    Nik Rasula, 14:09, Wednesday 25th October 2017

    Hi Jethro! If I understand correctly, five o'clock (on the ball) should be the go-to standard for both forehand and backhand drop shots?

  • AB

    adnan bhatti, 18:44, Tuesday 24th October 2017

    One of best videos I have seen on squash skills :)