Squash /  Full series - Best In The Business with James Willstrop - Part 1

  • GS

    Gursevak Sharma, 14:14, Wednesday 6th November 2019

    Just Beautiful... Thank you!

  • SQ

    Saqib Qureshi, 04:49, Friday 1st November 2019

    What an amazing breakdown of such a difficult shot and who better to explain it, than James Willstrop. Amazing player and one of the nicest players out there too

  • M

    Macalex101 , 19:10, Friday 11th October 2019

    One of the many impressive features of this video is Jethro's tan

  • KM

    Kevin McArtney, 18:22, Thursday 10th October 2019

    This shot is a brilliant feature of James' game. Great to watch it from an analytical perspective. It appears to be totally natural but I am sure that only reflects the hours that have gone into practising it. I remember fluking one in a game once and claiming it as an intentional Willsrtop! Anyway thanks for the video, very useful.

  • LM

    Luke Marinelli, 13:35, Thursday 10th October 2019

    Great series idea. Would love to have seen a bit more in the way of James actually putting the shot into practice and how he would coach an amateur to make the shot which is what it seemed like it was going towards at the start!

    • JB

      J Binns, 09:03, Friday 11th October 2019

      Part two Luke...

    • LM

      L Marinelli, 12:47, Monday 14th October 2019

      Haha, I retract the statement, it hadn't come up yet!

  • DB

    Don Bicknell, 06:10, Tuesday 8th October 2019

    Great series,
    Took a lesson from James in Bellevue Washington (USA) a couple of months ago.
    Great guy was very patient,very good at explaining the little things that combine everything.
    Hope he comes back to Bellevue,he is a natural coach.Squash Skills is a great tool.
    Have not seen a better tool for learning Squash.