Squash /  Movement masterclass with Jesse Engelbrecht

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  • OR

    Owen Rodwell, 19:52, Tuesday 17th October 2017

    A really well thought out and detailed set of videos. I've just started trying to implement these movement techniques into my own game and my initial thoughts are that they are going to make quite the difference. Movement out of the back corners for me has always been a problem area because I can often get caught out by a quick boast if my length is even fractionally short. The rugby ball pattern with the small squat really helps to propel me back to the T area much more quickly than the standard lunge and will hopefully allow me to dominant the T area more in matches.

  • PM

    Paul Miles, 17:35, Friday 13th October 2017

    Totally agree Baj!! I thought that Nick’s videos on movement were excellent. But this takes it to another level. Great job Jessie!! I still keep the knuckles up on the backhand. Keep doing more videos.

  • BM

    Baj Mandhania, 03:17, Tuesday 10th October 2017

    This content is very good. Jesse’s explanation is also very good and methodical. Please share some drills on racquet prep also. Thanks much!