Squash /  Podcast - Episode 5 - Peter Nicol & David Pearson

  • BS

    Bjarke Stemann, 07:01, Saturday 4th July 2020

    This is great. I had the pleasure of refereeing the Danish Open final one year, where Peter played an australian and won. I think Peter made only one fault in that game. That night the finalists stayed over at my home in Copenhagen, and the three of us went out for dinner. I remember asking Peter (who was 19 at the time and placed somewhat around 70 on the World Ranking), what his goal was? "World Open, he said. No. 1 in the world". Without one second of hesitation. I'll never forget the determination in his statement. He was not bragging or anything like that. It was pure ambition, and he said, he could not wait to get back and start training. If you read this Peter, thank you for a great memory, I am happy that you went all the way to become one of the great champions of all time. Best of luck with this initiative.

  • DW

    David Weeks, 11:56, Friday 29th May 2020

    Excellent series, and really touching to see how close their relationship was/is.
    On a slightly different note, it would be fascinating to hear how you and Peter met and your motivations to set up SquashSkills.

  • LS

    Leon Sim, 18:27, Thursday 28th May 2020

    Thanks for theses podcasts. Have been really enjoying them.

  • JS

    John Shaw, 23:24, Friday 22nd May 2020

    Fascinating. Knew some of this as I played at Connaught a few times and saw Neil Harvey’s training group in action. But always wondered about the DP/Harvs timeline. A very well prep’d interview - PN’s progression, his coaches, his match-ups against some of the (other) all time greats. These episodes work so well because they are excellent, relaxed conversations. And, Jethro, great jacket. (@BerkoSquashRbll on Twitter.)