Squash /  Podcast - Episode 4 - Nick Matthew and David Pearson

  • DW

    David Weeks, 23:05, Thursday 28th May 2020

    Thanks for setting this up Jethro, this was a really excellent example of how to get the best out of two fascinating and thoughtful guests. A joy to watch.

  • JS

    John Shaw, 21:52, Saturday 16th May 2020

    This works so well. 2 excellent, talkative guests, fully at ease. But, nonetheless, Jethro is a natural facilitator of conversations

    • JB

      J Binns, 08:24, Wednesday 20th May 2020

      Thanks John! Glad you enjoyed it...

  • MS

    Mark Sealy, 03:10, Friday 15th May 2020

    Great podcast ...remember seeing a session at Harrogate with Nick and DP, and they worked for 15 minutes on Nick’s thumb position...I’m still getting “aha” moments from our sessions DP