Squash /  How to take control of the T

  • ST

    Simon Tunley, 11:36, Tuesday 20th December 2016

    Agree with Nick serving from further back is a great tip especially if you are not naturally graced with speed!!

  • NW

    Nick Weldon, 22:17, Thursday 15th December 2016

    Great to see you coaching here, Paul - brings back happy (and painful) memories of coaching sessions at Potters Bar, many moons ago. You taught me the backhand lob serve then and it remains the strongest part of my game! I've slipped into the habit, though, of serving from the front of the box. Did an interesting experiment in a match today and remembered to start further back - suddenly I found I was getting to volley drops off the serve that had been killing me before - simply because today I was moving to the T forwards instead of backwards. Great tip - thanks! Nick Weldon (jazz piano)