Squash /  Full series - Learning journey with Hadrian Stiff

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    Paul Main, 11:54, Wednesday 20th March 2019

    Really VERY interesting play list, from both a coaches and players point of view. Two questions arise for me. 1. How long is devoted to a session i.e from warm-up to conditioning? 2. Is the approach tailored dependent on age/ability because I suspect 25-30 minutes working solely on say where your knee is in a lunge would drive away juniors after a couple of lesson?

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    Macalex101 , 21:29, Monday 18th March 2019

    Most of us don't get the chance for too many lessons from coaches. Perhaps you could say something about the situation where most of us learn which is playing matches? My own top tip for this is "Try to win but don't mind if you lose IF you have progressed at whatever you are trying to improve". Reap what you sow.