Squash /  Forehand front corner demo & analysis

  • SJ

    Sami Johnson, 22:45, Saturday 31st October 2020

    This would have been more effective if Hadrian would have been feeding Jethro and correcting his technique and fundamentals as coach correcting his players technique. Watching a coach working on a players foundations is more helpful in understanding the process of hitting. Hadrian has made some beautiful points about racket preparations and where the follow through should lead which he mentions point "B". From here for a coach who wants to understand and teach technique in the pedagogical sense, its important not get too much into the psychology of the player but to observe how a coach is working on correcting the swing and technique of the player. This starts from the grip followed by high feed and making the player hit some straight shots to work on his/her on swing, movement, awareness of making space around the ball. Once the foundation is strong which is ability to hit the ball straight, hitting a cross court is just adjustment. One of the things not touched upon in this video is where should the player try to aim the ball on the racket head? Usually its the center which is a "myth" because to get the ball on the sweet spot the player has to time the ball on the lower part of the frame of the racket, which in turn will help you center the ball for good timing and more accuracy. Ramy Ashour, Nick Mathew, Ong Beng Hee, James Willstrop, Saurav Ghoshal, Maestro Amar Shabana all have individual styles of playing (Player Psychology and Physiology) but their foundations are more similar.
    Sami A Johnson