Squash /  Top tip for amateurs: Allow space

  • PB

    Paul Bedford, 02:51, Friday 28th September 2018

    Great advice. One of the biggest drawbacks of my game.

  • L

    leon , 07:14, Tuesday 22nd March 2016

    This has helped me tremendously. This space concept applies to every shot in squash. Doing this off the serve is easier due to the fact that you know in which space the ball will be. It's a great place to start learning the space benefit.

  • AE

    Arif Erdem, 22:25, Monday 21st March 2016

    thanks, this course might be really helpful. I like it.

  • EB

    Edward Burlingame, 20:52, Monday 21st March 2016

    Valuable segment