Squash /  Full series - forehand back corner coaching session

  • DS

    DAVIDE SABATINI, 08:50, Monday 25th November 2019

    Thank you Jesse amazing playlist

  • AS

    Andres Salazar, 22:42, Sunday 27th October 2019

    Amazing video series. Well explained and a load of great coaching tips. The video, the angles ... all works well. Well done Jesse/Emma

  • DR

    Dave Riddell, 19:55, Wednesday 2nd October 2019

    Great session

  • PA

    pedro aspahan, 03:03, Monday 30th September 2019

    Brilliant again! Thank you!!!

  • NR

    Nik Rasula, 13:25, Wednesday 25th September 2019

    Great playlist Jesse! Your lessons are great, and this one is the best. Great summary at the end, offering Emma's thoughts as student and the trusting involved. Wonderful teaching points, wonderful progressions!

  • MD

    Megan Duncan Williams, 08:55, Wednesday 25th September 2019

    Fantastic!!!! Thanks Jesse & Emma - great ideas for me to work on here ;-)

  • SQ

    Saqib Qureshi, 04:01, Wednesday 25th September 2019

    This is an amazing playlist and Jesse is one of my favorite coaches as he breaks down everything so clearly. Emma is an excellent person to practice with too. Thank you both for this.

  • CO

    Craig Orrell, 16:24, Tuesday 24th September 2019

    Thanks again Jesse for another great progressive series on retrieving the ball from the forehand back corner. Plenty of good content and well demonstrated by Emma. Its on my saved list for further viewing and reviewing.