Squash /  Full series - Best In The Business with James Willstrop - Part 2

  • RK

    Raymond K, 04:45, Friday 14th August 2020

    Indeed da best!

  • SQ

    Saqib Qureshi, 20:32, Wednesday 6th November 2019

    Loved this series. Having James as a guest was extremely educational. More of these please :)

  • PM

    Paul Main, 15:32, Friday 18th October 2019

    Really interesting video both from a playing and coaching point of view - well done all involved

  • AS

    Andrew Statham, 15:02, Wednesday 16th October 2019

    Looking back on this, I’m also realising the importance of linking everything together - movement, timing, rotation, body position, flow through and movement off the ball. At 5.35 there’s a shot that I put into the side wall - where Jethro says there’s a disconnect. It’s true - it looks like I rushed into that ball, and there’s not enough rotation - so I tried to generate the power mainly through my shoulders, which didn’t work. Just a bit of pressure - timing slightly out, and it went a bit wonky. I guess then that movement onto the ball in that case is key to correct positioning, and therefore a stable base to play the shot and move away. Awesome watching this back. Hope it’s helpful to others. :)

  • AC

    Allan Curtis, 09:01, Wednesday 16th October 2019

    Great video, learnt lots about the right technique. Reminded me to stop getting too close to the ball.

  • JH

    Jim Hall, 18:11, Tuesday 15th October 2019

    Awesome sign me up to be a guinea pig. I am off to work on my back court drop as soon as I am fit again!

  • CO

    Craig Orrell, 16:58, Tuesday 15th October 2019

    Wonder what level player is Andy over a 1200+ player or higher? Good session though

    • AS

      A Statham, 15:03, Wednesday 16th October 2019

      Hey Craig, do you mean ‘Squash Levels’ level? About 3,600 at the moment.

  • MJ

    Martin Jones, 10:51, Monday 14th October 2019

    Great session, would love to see a front court version as well. James is pretty good at the front to!!!!!