Squash /  Full series - Amateur analysis with Jethro Binns

  • MH

    Mike Hardwicke, 14:13, Sunday 11th August 2019

    Excellent. Thank you!

  • RS

    Rick Smith, 19:07, Thursday 22nd November 2018

    Agree. One of the best. Really like the amateur analysis.

  • AM

    Arnaud Malan, 01:46, Thursday 8th November 2018

    One of the best videos I've watched on SquashSkills yet - very informative. Thanks Jethro!

  • GS

    Gursevak Sharma, 13:21, Wednesday 17th October 2018

    Great work again ... Just wondering why in later part of this series shot in close up ...

  • MB

    Matthew Baker, 21:40, Tuesday 2nd October 2018

    Good series! Jethro going full Jahangir with his tache I see...

  • SS

    Stephen Smith, 17:50, Tuesday 2nd October 2018

    Over rotation, and closing the racket face are, as Jethro points out, common in the amateur game. These are both much less likely to happen when playing from a closed stance. You must be able to play a backhand from a closed stance, and - if you are an amateur - I believe you should nearly always be playing from a closed stance.
    Forehand is less clear cut - when playing from the back corner before the ball hits the back wall open stance is much more efficient. However, you've still got to get your shoulders square with the side wall, and I think this is promoted by coaching an exclusively closed stance in the front forehand corner to begin with.
    I emphasise this is not about the top pros - who achieve proper body position/rotation from open/closed stances in all parts of the court. This is what you work towards as you improve, starting from a predominantly closed stance.