Squash /  Intercepting a fast ball

  • AZ

    albert zakay, 17:25, Saturday 16th November 2019

    As a coach myself ,I think that Jessie is a magnificent teacher and communicator and I really learn alot from his experience and videos. However under pressure when intercepting a fast ball that literally stretches you , the player in this scenario has to learn to use the maximum capacity of his lunge as well as maximizing the length of his racquet by extending his arm back as far as possible . If you look closer Gaultier is in full lunge and further extending his reach by bringing his arm back as far as possible . The actual swing is all wrist combined with an open racquet face because under extreme pressure that is all that is left in his tool box. Especially on the forehand the wrist is a power center and in this case when under pressure on the forehand players need to learn to return under full extension with lunge and arm fully extended , opening the racquet face and generating power by breaking the wrist and getting racquet head speed through the action of flicking the wrist

  • BJ

    Ben Jones, 04:13, Saturday 26th October 2019

    This series is awesome.