Squash /  Full series - Movement to the ball with Adrian Grant

  • GB

    Gary Buckle, 08:48, Sunday 11th February 2018

    This compliments the series by Thierry Lincoln very well. For me the key part was how to generate the split step efficiently and the use of the ‘spring’ in the step being fundamental. Having done some routines and tried to implement this in my game I can honestly say that this has a pretty immediate positive impact. Many thanks!

  • DC

    Dominic Curtis, 13:42, Tuesday 30th January 2018

    Really glad you posted this - as trying to work on split step at moment. I had exact same questions as comments below - what would be sensible routine of reps/sets for the drills to have an impact?

  • OR

    Owen Rodwell, 17:53, Monday 29th January 2018

    Nice playlist on an area of the game that players don't often think about. As an aside it would be nice to see the three drills that Adrian talks us through here put into a stand alone work out with the number of sets and reps outlined. I had the same thought with the drills that Thierry Lincou ran through and feel like this is something of a missed opportunity within these kinds of playlists.