Squash /  Full series - Boast with Jethro Binns

  • DB

    Don Bicknell, 04:17, Thursday 10th January 2019

    Squashskills great site for taking lessons and learing

  • JT

    Jordan Torbiak, 05:57, Thursday 15th November 2018

    Great description of the boast technique. A lot of my boasts from deep have been down recently, but your tips really helped. I was going under the ball too much instead of going from the inside. The ball is definitely staying closer to the front wall and lower, too.

  • GP

    George Peppard, 20:17, Friday 28th September 2018

    Another excellent lesson from Jethro Binns - Thanks

  • RA

    Richard Arold, 17:18, Thursday 27th September 2018

    Excellent coverage of all aspects of the boast - very informative! Thanks

  • SQ

    Saqib Qureshi, 18:34, Monday 24th September 2018

    loved this playlist, Jethro. Thank you