Squash /  Zero to Hero: Introduction

  • GV

    Grattan van Heerden, 10:20, Monday 27th April 2020

    Awesome play list my bru! Super informative and the I found the tips on the lobs, drops and boasts especially helpful!

  • WK

    William Kania, 20:54, Monday 9th December 2019

    Brilliant series of videos, I’ve rewatched this a few times now as it’s a great refresher and has really improved my overall game. Sometimes the basics are often overlooked and easily forgotten!

  • CO

    Craig Orrell, 16:27, Tuesday 3rd September 2019

    You've got my interested in this series. I feel my game has stagnated and struggling to find away to improve my game and get myself up the club ladder

  • PM

    Paul Miles, 10:05, Friday 31st August 2018

    Again Jessie/Jethro you continue to nail it. This is exactly what the doctor ordered. Some of us have not been playing that long and need to know the details of squash right from the beginning. Awesome and looking forward to the rest of the series. This combined with Gary's mobility, strength and endurance work will benefit everyone.

  • PK

    Pradeep Kumar Nair, 07:38, Friday 31st August 2018

    Hi Jethro, can course also account for the age of participants? for e.g I am not able to generate the same pace and power behind certain shots as I could do 10 years ago? this is despite a fairly decent fitness regimen over the years.

  • BT

    Bill Tinsley, 21:40, Thursday 30th August 2018

    Fantastic!! , excellent slow motion demos of Technics. Well design videos to guide new players into building their game.


  • NS

    Nathan Sarti, 18:12, Wednesday 29th August 2018

    Looking foward to working through this series.