Squash /  full series - The warm up with Gary Nisbet

  • TH

    Tom Holmes, 16:42, Thursday 23rd January 2020

    Thanks for this, a useful guide and I am definitely going to enhance my warm up! Just a question though, once you finish the secondary pulse raiser, how long would that stay effective for before you need to re-raise your pulse as it were. Thinking of the scenario where you're expecting to go on court in 5 mins or so, but then the match before goes on longer than expected. Thanks

  • NS

    Nathan Sarti, 22:34, Wednesday 29th August 2018

    Very useful, started using this before matches

  • JC

    Jim Cronin, 21:30, Thursday 23rd August 2018

    Link to Warm-up Guide leads to a screen with two fields (email and download button). The email field will not accept text and the Download button does nothing. Please advise.