Squash /  Full series - The forehand volley

  • G

    Gyffes , 02:56, Thursday 30th March 2017

    Yet another applauding the "Full Series" concept. Thank you.

  • CR

    Colin Rogers, 21:14, Tuesday 21st March 2017

    Great video again Peter. Having both options on the videos is brilliant.

  • BL

    Brendan Lawton, 16:10, Wednesday 15th March 2017

    Great idea on the long video.

  • PM

    Paul Miles, 20:01, Tuesday 14th March 2017

    I agree with you!! great watching all in one video. Good job guys

  • NB

    Nicolas Brown, 01:00, Tuesday 14th March 2017

    Yeah, agree. Is good to have it all available as the single video. Saves me having to open a playlist all as tabs!

    However, I feel the pause between videos should be slightly longer (say 5 seconds) to allow you to digest the guidance and have the title of the next video segment written on the screen so you know what the aim is

  • GS

    Gursevak Sharma, 13:28, Monday 13th March 2017

    Love the Full length in one go as an option.... don't have to go back and forth. Because we have broken down smaller videos we can still watch a each in isolation... great... Thank you !.